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Tools for Unstoppable Brands

There are so many tools to grow your brand's influence and impact. Here are some of the most foundational ones. These resources are free, and are our gift to you for growth. From exploring ideal clients to building your marketing plan, each tool increases your clarity and confidence.

Target Audience Worksheet 2021.png

Ideal Audience Worksheet

Get clear about exactly who is craving what you offer. From demographics to psychographics, this will help you hone in on exactly who you serve and how you can do it. Download this worksheet and connect to your ideal customer today!


Build Your One-Day Marketing Plan

Whether you are building your personal brand or a business marketing plan, you need a plan. It starts with clarity about what you stand for, what your strengths and you story is, and then frames what to say, how often and in what channels.

The One-Day Marketing Plan NEW.png
Brand Starter Kit.png

Brand Starter Kit

Before you launch into your logo, website and social media posting, walk through the 20 key considerations for building a powerful brand. This great DIY tool is pure branding gold!


Brand Personality Quiz

Find out which of the 5 brand persona you have. This fun quiz will show you, so you can build your brand effectively.


Brand Affinity Assessment

Just like your favorite cup of coffee feels necessary, brand affinity is how your audience connects with you and identifies with you. Find out how your unique style can be leveraged so customers see themselves transformed by you.

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